Why does God condemn men?

It’s just about time for Christians to stop being embarrassed by God’s judgment. Our waffling and apologetic tone are not worthy of the God we serve or the lord who bought us.

When Christ spoke of judgment he spoke of it unapologetically and without embarrassment. What Christian in his right mind would take up a contrite or conciliatory tone when speaking to the children of this generation? Jesus did not die at the request of a God who is willing to negotiate the definition of righteousness.

Oh, but this generation is so mild and non-judgmental, so tender of heart, so forgiving of all wrongs, that they can’t bear to hear of judgment. Right, that’s what I think of when I think of 21st America. Black Lives Matter. Antifa. Fake news. Harvey Weinstein. And what did Nancy Pelosi just say about the proposed border wall? It’s immoral. Sounds suspiciously like a judgment. How about kneeling during the national anthem before a football game? That’s all about judging America unworthy. And boycotting the NFL, that was about judging the judgy kneelers, but and especially about judging the milquetoast NFL owners who refused to judge the merits of kneeling.

This generation has such a refined sense of morality that they’re tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus and worrying about micro-aggressions. They’re inventing new judgments every day. We’re this close to condemning every man that every lived as contributing to toxic masculinity, but go ahead and tell me how this generation can’t bear to think of judgment. You think the changing stance on homosexuality has to do with our generation refusing to judge people? I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

The phrase “wrong side of history” was invented by reprobates who long for ultimate judgment but decided to do away with references to God. Now “history” must judge. And, of course, we must judge history. But we can’t hand out judgments fast enough. Tell me, have you heard of Twitter?

No, this generation is plenty judgmental. We just like to keep in house. We’ll do our own judging, thank you very much. No God needed here. And so it is that when a Christian puts on the bashful act about God’s judgment, he fortifies one of the prevailing sins of this generation. In effect (or perhaps in affect!) he is saying “you’re right, God is certainly on shaky ground if he thinks he’s going to judge you!”

Stick a fork in that lie. It’s just about done.


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