This Time Will Not Be the Same

God willing, the new evangelization will happen, but let us not imagine that this time will be like the first time. The old evangelization proclaimed the Good News among pagan, pre-Christian peoples to whom it came as something new. Nothing like that had been done before. But nothing like our task has been done before either.

Thus begins J. Budziszewski’s article on witnessing in a culture that has heard of and turned away from the gospel of Christ. It is thought provoking and raises some points that we may not have considered before.

I’d say that parts of the article pertain to some people in today’s culture and not others. But rejection of the gospel has always come in different flavors, e.g., “The Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom.”

If this is so, it may be wroth considering what kind of objections are raised against the gospel. Not that we would change the gospel, but that we would understand who we seek to reach, and what lies keep them bound in the power of Satan.

Here’s your link.

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