You can’t say that, because… Nazis.

Christian author Jen Hatmaker responded to the Nashville Statement by connecting it to the appearance of white supremacists in Charllottesville. As USA Today explains, "Christian author Jen Hatmaker of Austin, Texas, who came out in favor of same-sex marriage and whose books have been removed from the Southern Baptist Convention's LifeWay Christian Stores because of that philosophy, called … Continue reading You can’t say that, because… Nazis.

Christian leaders issue statement on sexuality

A large number of Christian leaders including John Piper and R.C. Sproul recently released a series of affirmations on human sexuality titled the Nashville Statement. It is clear and explicit on the biblical truth concerning homosexuality and transgenderism. The statement consists of a preamble and fourteen articles. Each article contains an affirmation and a corresponding … Continue reading Christian leaders issue statement on sexuality

Quickie: Persecution leads to boldness

In tough times, persecution can lead spirit-filled believers to speak more boldly, not less. When the persecution got heavy in Jerusalem in the first century, the church prayed for boldness. They also spread out across the region preaching the gospel. When the apostle Paul was imprisoned for preaching the faith, the saints got seriously bold. … Continue reading Quickie: Persecution leads to boldness