New audio teaching available

This is just a quick blog post to draw your attention to the fact that new page has been added to the site. In the sidebar you should see a link to God’s design for marriage. Since I put it up as a page instead of a post, it didn’t show up in the subscription feed, but I wouldn’t want anyone to miss it if they’re interested. So this post is to intended to let those following know what’s available.

An important goal of the teaching is to un-hide the biblical teaching on marriage. Sadly, many of us who talk about the bible in America today have twisted the scripture in order to fit in with our humanistic culture. I believe I point out four ways that the bible is misused and misapplied. This abuse of scripture prevents us from understanding the bible when we read it, and it prevents us from knowing what God intends marriage to be.

So, yeah, in more than one way, this post is intended to let you know what’s available. God bless you.


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