The end of strife

Over-familiarity with the troubles of this society can be daunting. A careful look at the struggles that threaten to engulf the country reveals an abundance of blameworthiness and little to no hope. We should expect this, it is the natural state of man since expulsion from Eden, without God and without hope.

However, if we redirect our attention to that which everyone is ignoring, namely God himself, we see a hope for the end of strife. That hope kindles within me when I consider that God has laid out a plan for out society in Christ. It is an all encompassing plan, with solutions for every problem. It should be encouraging that the answers are not those we (Americans) would choose for ourselves. After all, our natural state is hopeless.

Definition of strife

  1. 1a :  bitter sometimes violent conflict or dissension – political strife – b :  an act of contention :  fight, struggle

It is actually a joy to consider how thoroughly America has ignored God’s solutions. His answers haven’t failed, they have yet to even be attempted.

The plan of God revealed in Christ is one that no one can ruin. All the ignorance, all the rebellion of man is just so much useless fluff. His plan remains perfect and perfectly functional.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.
Psalm 2:4

The plan of God is made known in the church, by the way. We, the church, are the ones to whom it is revealed. It is that which is “freely given to us of God.” (1 Cor 2:12) If we ever seem to have forgotten or misplaced it, he is ready and willing to reveal it in us again, inasmuch as we are ready to follow his plan. (If you want to hear his voice, you must obey.)

He has committed such knowledge to us, first, that we might obey it. The wisdom of God should have free course in the church of Jesus Christ. To the sinful man God has said “My ways are not your ways,” but to the church he has said “be imitators of me!”

But the second purpose for committing such knowledge to the church is that we would call others to obey it as well. Say it gently if you like, but do not lose sight of the fact that what we are calling for is the submission of human hearts to the plan of God. There is a spirit at work in this world that strives against such submission, and we will never please it. We just keep calling, and let each man and women make their choice, whether they will serve that spirit, or the Lord Jesus.

There is a plan of God revealed in Christ, and it has never been damaged in any way. It is perfectly functional even now, and it is the answer to all our problems.


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