A bundle of acute moral errors

Here are links to to two articles written by J. Budziszewski more then twenty years ago. I think they remain surprisingly relevant today. In each article, the author makes the case that Christians must pursue a distinctively Christian approach to politics. He calls both liberalism and conservatism, a “bundle of acute moral errors.”

I think he is very correct in this description. We should guard against choosing one side of American politics as a reaction against the other. We also need to shine the light of God’s word on the moral errors being perpetuated by politicians on both left and right.

If you ask me, I think the article on conservatism may be slightly better written. I have to work harder to understand the author’s thoughts in The Problem with Liberalism. I can’t recommend it as highly as the other.

Of course the errors we need to be most careful with are the ones we tend to fall for. In that light I hope that if you only read one, you’ll try the one about your “favorite.”

The Problem with Liberalism

The Problem with Conservatism


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Road sign photo by Pablo Garcia Saldaña, via Unsplash

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